Food that fuels the brain

Can you believe that what we eat actually makes a huge impact on our brain power and how we function. There are countless articles on what helps fuel our brain to work at its optimal level. Here’s a quick rundown for all y’all.

Nutrition you need:

Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that supports your cells in oxidative damage, therefore slowing the process of your cells decline
  • Good sources of vitamin E are NUTS (specifically walnuts)

Other Rad Antioxidants

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • help with brain development, increase levels of DHA (fight against memory loss)
  • Good sources wild salmon, chia seeds and fish oil.
  • My favorite is Usana’s BiOmega as you saw in my instagram post earlier last week.

Medium-Chain Triglyercides or “good fats”

  • fuel for the brain – think gas for a car
  • Good sources are coconut oil

Vitamin K & Chlorine 

  • brain developers
  • A good source is broccoli


  • supports blood flow to the think tank
  • Good sources dark chocolate (woot woot) & red wine (remember always in moderation) & Proflavanol C


Also add in:

  • Tumeric
    • it’s a fun spice, I like it with tea. My favorite is the Trader Joe’s brand that is Ginger & Tumeric
  • Pumpkin seeds
    • I know, I know, it’s not technically a food, but it is a food for your body that only helps your brain function at a higher rate
    • Again, like exercise this isn’t food, but the benefits are so overwhelming I can’t not add it in here. Try it. Take 5 mins a day. I’ll admit sometimes I don’t get it in, but even sitting still always helps clear the mind.




here’s a little secret

Loving yourself is the answer.  

We all have goals and to reach them, loving yourself is step one to quicker results.

I am in the business of transformation so I deal a lot with weight loss especially with my women clients.  We tend to look at our bodies in such a negative aspect but why?  With Thursday being International Women’s Day I wanted to dig deeper into self-love.

If were not concentrating on the negative we can see the positive changes.  We would be more opted to nourish our body with healthy foods because we love the feeling of our bodies being energized. We would workout to help get fresh oxygen pumping through our bloodstream.  Instead of when the alarm going off and us being upset and hitting that snooze button (health tip: never hit the snooze button), we would jump out of bed ready to conquer the day.   Hitting our goals would become easier. fullsizeoutput_493

Our mindset determines our life. Approach your healthy lifestyle with a positive vibe and the universe will match it.  Have an open heart and love yourself fully.

Take a moment, pull out your journal and write five things you love about yourself! Seriously, do it. I would love for you to share with me.

Then do your happy dance.

Sending all my love, especially to all you ladies. Happy ladies week!




by the measurements

A couple of weeks ago I shared my week one of my squat program with all of you. Well five weeks have already flown by and I have completed my first phase.

I don’t believe in scales. I think the numbers can be deceiving  and make us all obsessed on what it says. When I set a goal for myself I do take measurements and will weigh myself but NOT everydayNOT everyweek, ONLY when my program for that phase is up, so I can track my progress.

These pictures are never the most flattering, wearing my undies and sports bra, with no make up on and taken first thing in the morning for consistency. Although, I’m putting them out there for everyone to understand that it takes hard work, dedication, and will not happen overnight. 

The blue hipsters were taken on January 9th, 2017. The red on February 6, 2017.

My goal is to grow my booty, and keep my waist small. I am 5’7″.

By the numbers: blue / red

Weight: 140.7 lbs / 141.2lbs

Waist: 28.75  inch / 28.5 inch

Hips: 38.25 inch / 38.5 inch

Quads: 21.75 inch / 21.3 inch

Calf: 13.25 inch / 13.2 inch

When I look at these pictures, I don’t see any major changes in my body and honestly I don’t even expect too. I am not training for a competition or completly trying to change my physique.   I want to live a healthy lifestyle and be able to share with you.  Although, even when I look at my numbers it can be discouraging that my calves are a little smaller.  This is what I know, I have been working hard going to the gym, and kicking my ass in the gym.  I grew my booty a 1/4 inch and made my waist 1/4 smaller.  Those are some rad stats for an everyday concious healthy gal.

Helpful tips:

  1. be consistent
  2. plan ahead
    1. meal prep
    2. plan your workouts
    3. put them in your calendar with reminders!
    4. have healthy snack options available
      1. check out USANA’s MySmart bars here
  3. balance your lifestyle
    1. I still enjoy a glass of red wine while watching the bachelor
    2. I make healthier choices in food, but still don’t turn down a date night or a girls night out (I try to only do once a week)
  4. accountability 
    1. I am sharing this with you to keep myself accountable
    2. have a workout buddy/meal prep buddy

Next phase of my squat program is a new 9 week program. I’ll continue to track my progress and share my photos with you.

Remember be inspiring for youself & others will be inspired.


booty, booty, booty, quads and hammies

Since my move to Phoenix (3 years ago) I have not written or followed a lifting program. I did what I wanted at the gym when I felt like it, which was great and I definitely needed the non structure of that. However, it’s time to saddle up on the horse again or really get underneath the bar in the squat rack.

I always love a good before and after, although, even though I wasn’t following an exact program I still hit the gym, the yoga studio and ate healthy these past 3 years. So, my pictures won’t be a drastic difference. Although, my measurements might show a little more to be true (all measurements will be posted at then end of my 5 week program along with those pictures so we can do a side by side).

Here it is. I am so excited to share week 1 of my squat program with you.

Warm up – 10 minutes incline treadmill walking

Back Squat – 45 lbs for 10, 55 lbs for 8, 65 lbs for 6, 75 lbs for 3, 95 lbs 2 sets of 5, 65 lbs 3 sets of 15 as fast as you can

leg press – 90lbs 3×20

straight leg deadlift – 65lbs 3×20

50 walking lunges


leg extension 3x to failure


leg curl 3x to failure


calf raises to failure.

Happy soreness.

Go to the contact me section on my page for more information, questions, or if you want me to help you set up a program for yourself.


Sickness Remedies

I might possibly be the worst person when I am sick. I can’t help myself, I whine, complain, everything hurts. I think I am such a baby because I am never sick. I am an extremely healthy person; I take my vitamins (which I contribute to never being sick) plus I eat fairly healthy and workout. So, when I get sick here is my remedies.

I sleep. As much as physically possible.

I take a break from the gym. Let my body rest.

I add booster c to my vitamin routine.

Double up on water, and hot tea (with lemon and honey).

The result is I usually feel better fairly quickly. I was out of the gym for 2 weeks this time, probably the start of the New Year… however, I didn’t really lose my shape cause I am consistent with working out and eating.

Now, I’m back, flexin’ and cheesin’ as big as possible. This is going to be a big year..I can feel it.

Happy New Year! We made it to 2016.


Happy New Year! We made it to 2016.

The older I get the faster the time goes, but one thing doesn’t change and that’s the typical new years resolutions of I want to be healthier, go to the gym, lose 50LBS. Fun fact: 1lb of muscle and 1lb of fat WEIGH THE SAME, but the muscle only takes up ¼ of the space.

When I personal trained in the gym I always and clients and woman telling me they wanted to weigh 120lbs. I haven’t been 120lbs since I was 17. I am 5’7” and currently 145lbs.

IMG_0612IMG_0613This is a much healthier me. I look and feel stronger. That is the feeling that is important. I have higher energy levels, my body is not exhausted and I like this look.

So ditch the scales friends, they truly don’t matter. Make goals not based off a number. Make it a healthier, happier 2016.


Merry Merry.

Cookies. Parties. Egg Nog, the holidays are here and so goes the diet, but it doesn’t have to be a complete waste. This time of year is definitely the hardest to stay on track. Studies show that on average we gain 6-7lbs during the holidays and lose 3-4 for our new years resolutions. Conclusion, you gain around 3 pounds every year. That sucks, but how do we stop it? Here are some of my tips and tricks to stay on track but still enjoy the office parties, and have some of grandma’s cookies.


Number one solution is plan out your workouts and stick to them. Even if you had a little too much to drink at the party get out of bed…you’ll feel better (hangover trick: drink a full glass of water before bed and take Usana’s hepasil).

Plan lifting your big body parts after the party. Yes I said it, you’ll feel like crap but all the extra carbs and food can give you a killa’ leg day or back workout.

Switch from beer to hard liquor and amp up the H20.

Don’t sit by all the food, fill a smaller plate and only eat that. I tend to be a grazer and before I know it, I ate 10 cookies. 1 plate and done.

Relax; don’t obsess what you are eating. It’s time to really be with the ones we love. Enjoy your time with them and one extra cookie is okay.

Happy Holidays friends. Merry Merry.