A few things I am loving right now

I have been going through some major kicks recently and wanted to share a few things that I am loving with all of you.

  1. plants, I cannot get enough. My house is going to start looking like a jungle. Serious addict mode.  Although, I am loving all the fresh air.
  2. beet hummus. It’s pink, delicious and such fun snack with cucumbers or carrots. I usually buy it from Sprouts or Trader Joes.
  3. the bachelor fantasy league. Wow, way to up the game abc. I though I loved the gossip and drama before, but this was a real game changer. Current ranking for those playing along 340points.
  4. tea with lemon and some honey. I have a cup before bed every night. I honestly feel like a baby with a pacifier..if I don’t have my team I can’t even.
  5. Sense’s nutritious creme masque. I love a good at home facial.
  6. Laser hair removal. We all have unwanted hair. I just had my 7th appointment and getting excited that I am seeing results. Goodbye…goodbye…goodbye.
  7. Nulux. It’s a new fabric from lululemon. You have definitely seen the pants in some of my workout pictures…it’s a naked sensation and all the goodness (picture below I am wearing the fast & free tight). img_2055
  8. Oh & always Puppies & Yoga.



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