being bold and doing some scary shit

Being BOLD is my intention for 2017 and being bold for me is doing something that scares me.  I wouldn’t call myself spontaneous, bold, or fearless, but why limit myself.  Life is meant to be fun and playful, therefore, this past weekend I decided to do something I have never done before.

It seems silly that I am 27 years old and never been skiing.  Although, growing up playing soccer if we had one weekend to stay home and not travel we did just that.  We all have heard the statement..I can’t I have soccer.  That’s real life for competitive players.  2017 is not for I can’t.  It is..I will.

First off I am terrified of heights,  so, even going up on the ski lift I was shaking. However, remembering my intention, I was bold and faced my fear.  I fell on my face a lot.  I tasted the snow.  I became bumped and bruised.  After my 100th fall, I still got up. Sometimes I struggled and needed to ask for a hand..but isn’t that what life is about. If I didn’t conquer my fear and go down that first hill, I wouldn’t have felt the wind in my face.  I wouldn’t of known that speed. I wouldn’t of noticed the quietness. I wouldn’t of seen the beautiful mountains in the distance.  I wouldn’t of made it down the whole mountain without taking a spill.  I did accomplish that.


I skied, and that did scare me. I feel more alive, accomplished, and just had a lot of fun. Life is beautiful, fun, and I enjoy playing.


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