booty, booty, booty, quads and hammies

Since my move to Phoenix (3 years ago) I have not written or followed a lifting program. I did what I wanted at the gym when I felt like it, which was great and I definitely needed the non structure of that. However, it’s time to saddle up on the horse again or really get underneath the bar in the squat rack.

I always love a good before and after, although, even though I wasn’t following an exact program I still hit the gym, the yoga studio and ate healthy these past 3 years. So, my pictures won’t be a drastic difference. Although, my measurements might show a little more to be true (all measurements will be posted at then end of my 5 week program along with those pictures so we can do a side by side).

Here it is. I am so excited to share week 1 of my squat program with you.

Warm up – 10 minutes incline treadmill walking

Back Squat – 45 lbs for 10, 55 lbs for 8, 65 lbs for 6, 75 lbs for 3, 95 lbs 2 sets of 5, 65 lbs 3 sets of 15 as fast as you can

leg press – 90lbs 3×20

straight leg deadlift – 65lbs 3×20

50 walking lunges


leg extension 3x to failure


leg curl 3x to failure


calf raises to failure.

Happy soreness.

Go to the contact me section on my page for more information, questions, or if you want me to help you set up a program for yourself.



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