Resolutions & intentions for 2017

We are 11 days into 2017 and some of our resolutions might be already sliding away. Personally this year I didn’t make a specific resolution. This year I sat down and looked at my goals…I tossed away the ones that didn’t make me excited; if I wasn’t connected energetically too that goal, I didn’t need it printed on my vision board (however, I can always go back to them if they come up again).

In 2017 I plan to live bold. I am going to squeeze out all the negativity, self-doubt, and things that don’t serve me. I am going for it, not letting fear hold me back.


I plan on turning the tv off more, blogging more, sharing my knowledge in fitness, health & supplements.  A little secret about myself is I am a true homebody.  I love nothing more than sitting at home in my pjs with the Real Housewives playing and a glass of wine. However, I know this doesn’t serve me the best way it can.  So, 2017 we are saying goodbye to the every night television watching and enjoying walks downtown, live music, and more adventuring.

Being bold might be the best year yet.

What are your intentions for 2017?




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