let’s chat about skin

Skin is an organ, which in my exercise science brain I think is so fascinating. When I picture organs I think liver, lungs, heart kidneys… & fun fact: it’s the largest organ!  What is most fascinating is your skin is a good indicator on how healthy your insides are.

Although, we have to take care of it externally too.  For my external skin heath I use a variety of different products from the brand Sense to keep a healthy glow, and keep me from having to put on more makeup.

daily routine includes: the daily cleanser, hydrating toner, daytime protective emulsion (yes I believe in sunscreen..your 80 year old self-will thank me), night renewal creme, the eye nourisher & firming body nourisher. A good hot yoga sesh always helps to open up the pores and have me sweat everything out too.

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Sense has self preserving technology without the added chemical preservatives.  These products make my skin feel clean, fresh, and moisturized. A lot of products have parabens and unwanted chemicals.  I always was taught whatever you put on your skin you should be able to eat…your skin is porous so we should be conscious on what we rub, touch, put on it.
Any questions on my skin routine… Holla at me.


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