Sickness Remedies

I might possibly be the worst person when I am sick. I can’t help myself, I whine, complain, everything hurts. I think I am such a baby because I am never sick. I am an extremely healthy person; I take my vitamins (which I contribute to never being sick) plus I eat fairly healthy and workout. So, when I get sick here is my remedies.

I sleep. As much as physically possible.

I take a break from the gym. Let my body rest.

I add booster c to my vitamin routine.

Double up on water, and hot tea (with lemon and honey).

The result is I usually feel better fairly quickly. I was out of the gym for 2 weeks this time, probably the start of the New Year… however, I didn’t really lose my shape cause I am consistent with working out and eating.

Now, I’m back, flexin’ and cheesin’ as big as possible. This is going to be a big year..I can feel it.


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