Happy New Year! We made it to 2016.


Happy New Year! We made it to 2016.

The older I get the faster the time goes, but one thing doesn’t change and that’s the typical new years resolutions of I want to be healthier, go to the gym, lose 50LBS. Fun fact: 1lb of muscle and 1lb of fat WEIGH THE SAME, but the muscle only takes up ¼ of the space.

When I personal trained in the gym I always and clients and woman telling me they wanted to weigh 120lbs. I haven’t been 120lbs since I was 17. I am 5’7” and currently 145lbs.

IMG_0612IMG_0613This is a much healthier me. I look and feel stronger. That is the feeling that is important. I have higher energy levels, my body is not exhausted and I like this look.

So ditch the scales friends, they truly don’t matter. Make goals not based off a number. Make it a healthier, happier 2016.



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