Merry Merry.

Cookies. Parties. Egg Nog, the holidays are here and so goes the diet, but it doesn’t have to be a complete waste. This time of year is definitely the hardest to stay on track. Studies show that on average we gain 6-7lbs during the holidays and lose 3-4 for our new years resolutions. Conclusion, you gain around 3 pounds every year. That sucks, but how do we stop it? Here are some of my tips and tricks to stay on track but still enjoy the office parties, and have some of grandma’s cookies.


Number one solution is plan out your workouts and stick to them. Even if you had a little too much to drink at the party get out of bed…you’ll feel better (hangover trick: drink a full glass of water before bed and take Usana’s hepasil).

Plan lifting your big body parts after the party. Yes I said it, you’ll feel like crap but all the extra carbs and food can give you a killa’ leg day or back workout.

Switch from beer to hard liquor and amp up the H20.

Don’t sit by all the food, fill a smaller plate and only eat that. I tend to be a grazer and before I know it, I ate 10 cookies. 1 plate and done.

Relax; don’t obsess what you are eating. It’s time to really be with the ones we love. Enjoy your time with them and one extra cookie is okay.

Happy Holidays friends. Merry Merry.



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