scared shitless & excited about that


I’ve heard that life begins when you get out of your comfort zone. Well not writing is a huge comfort zone, I am not a good writer, I don’t find myself witty or funny, how can I be entertaining? Why would anyone even care what I write? Thoughts, after negative thoughts are continuing to replay in my head of what is going on as I start this live journal, but why the negativity? Why are we always the hardest on ourselves? Changing the way we think to a more positive outlook might be the most challenging obstacle I have overcome. Is it worth not really living though, staying in my comfort zone. I don’t think so, and I hope you don’t either. Lets go after our big hairy goals; do they terrify me? Hell yes they do. They should. Otherwise are they really worth it? So, I’m not just jumping in with two feet, I’m diving in headfirst. So here it is friends, family, fitness enthusiasts, fans, whatever you are. I am scared shitless to start writing. Although, my hope is you get something out of it, I am a real person, who is going after my dreams to inspire others to live a healthier life and trying to help you along the way.


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